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Please contact the ministry two weeks before any date to let us know your intention to volunteer and attend.
We will need your name as it appears on DL, DL#, ph#, email address, and if an ex-offender, date of release.

Our First Volunteer Salvation

On December 11, 2016 at approximately 7:15 pm, we had a very first with our ministry. Our volunteer Jaren C. came to give his life to Christ as he surrendered to Jesus his will so that he may live eternally. Usually we go to preach salvation and liberty to the captives, but on this evening God had another plan...Amen...

2 Faithful Servants

Audrey and Norman eating BBQ after a chapel service at the Coffield Unit. 

!st Ever Car/Bike Show

This was the first time a car/bike show was allowed in a prison. Praise God!

Love our servants/friends/volunteers

We usually meet in Corsicana to fill up physically and spiritually, Amen.

Another menace to minister!

David Knight was ordained this fine day. It was a beautiful word he gave. Great day!

Getting er' done!

On our way to plant some seeds!

Spiritual Gangsters!!!!!

This is one of Charles spiritual fathers.